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About Us

Rosario Pilots, a cooperative of pilots created in 1992 that has established itself over the years, being a benchmark in the region for its experience, commitment and quality of service.

It has highly trained members ready to operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Vision and Mission

Cooperate with the development of our region providing quality of service and with the highest safety standards, ensuring the care of the environment and all the intervening interests
We are dedicated to providing the highest quality of reliable, efficient and modern pilot services that are essential to the economy and public health, safety and well-being of the region. We are entrusted to preserve and protect the ports, the population and the environment to the fullest extent possible. We will facilitate and promote the safe and efficient flow of commercial vessel traffic in pilotage waters. We will strive to serve the maritime industry with professionalism, courtesy, and a commitment to excellence. We will have mutual respect and value the people who make up our cooperative, our clients and our community.


Simply put, our goal is public safety and environmental protection. Ships arriving in our area from abroad must hire the services of a pilot to assist in navigating narrow rivers, shallow waters, narrow passages. We got on board the ship and maneuver to moor and unmoor the ships in the ports of our region.


Navigable Regions

Here you can get quick information about our Ports Roads and Docks.

Paraná river shipping guide

Here you can get additional information about our Ports.

”Maneuvering is an art that feels on the skin and only the good pilot shows it with the serenity in the orders he gives”.

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